The Republicans open a cycle of meetings by denouncing the “ideologue” Minister Pap Ndiaye


During a first stage in the vocational school of Montrouge, the deputies were able to…

The Republicans open a cycle of meetings by denouncing the “ideologue” Minister Pap Ndiaye

The Republicans open a cycle of meetings by denouncing the “ideologue” Minister Pap Ndiaye

During a first stage in the vocational school of Montrouge, the deputies were able to hear the alerts of teachers worried about the future of their sector.

LR deputies opened a cycle of exchanges with the world of national education on Tuesday, in a vocational high school in Montrouge. They chose this establishment in the inner suburbs of Paris as the first stage of a one-year parliamentary reflection on education issues. “ We want to get out of hackneyed ideas and go through phases of listening in our constituencies. Do the opposite in short of what Emmanuel Macron and national education do by launching ideas from the top down, locked up by ideologies, like the very ideologue Minister Pap Ndiaye», blames Olivier Marleix.

At the initiative of this approach, the president of the LR group in the embly wants to take the time to ess the situation of education in France. Starting with a vocational high school is a way of putting the index on establishments that concentrate the most difficulties.

“More French and more discipline”

In Montrouge, the very free testimonies of the teachers of the vocational streams of the Jean Monnet high school resemble an SOS. “The pro high school has become a dump“says one of them, when others speak of students”dented by the system“, of “80 dies“called to disappear”. “We can change everything but when they can’t read at 15sighs a teacher, emphasizing the need for all students to master the language and a minimum of general culture, regardless of the professional or general nature of their education. Finally, these teachers ask for help from the few parliamentarians present. They claim “more French and more discipline“. “When we miss the education of our children we have missed everything“, they warn.

After having exchanged in a workshop with a young isolated minor in training, the deputy Marleix judges these times of sharing “important“. He asked his colleague Alexandre Portier (Rhône) to follow these questions closely for the LR group. The philosophy professor accuses the government of communicating on these issues. ” With the multiplication of announcements in all directions, without coherence and without vision, one has the impression of a final fireworks display. But all this does not mask the inability to set a course. We can clearly see with Minister Darmanin in Mayotte that it is not enough to occupy space and that it can turn against you“.

The parliamentarian wants to warn against the “announcement effects“of a ministry that does not put anything in place to save”The fundamentals“. He denounces the inaction of a power which would have “nothing done for six years“. “Emmanuel Macron tries to cling to the education branch as a counter-fire to the pension reform, but he acts in a very vertical way. We cannot announce closures of courses and ask teachers to go and teach in primary education. It’s a total disrepute of the land“, he accuses.

Create a climate of envy

Alexandre Portier regrets that the professional sector is a sector chosen too often by default. “There is a revolution in orientation to be made“, pleads the elected, convinced that the recovery of the country will p by that of the school, “first pillar of the nation, while Minister Pap Ndiaye makes it an adjustment variable“. The deputy, responsible for leading the reflection of the LR deputies, announces a tour of France of the actors and visits abroad. But he does not want to end up with yet another report. “We must recreate a climate of envy in the school. Some countries were in serious difficulty on this subject, but they invested and transformed themselves, as Japan did in the 1980s. After having upgraded the teachers and sent the best on this front, they are today at the top of all the Pisa rankings (International Program for the Monitoring of Student Achievement) in the 2000s. We can do it!»

The fault of the right

The right-wing MP does not deny the responsibility of his political family in the situation of the school today. “We have too long accepted the political Yalta considering that the left was legitimate on culture and education and we on the sovereign and the economy. It’s a mistake because the first wealth of a country is its men“, regrets the deputy Portier. Inexhaustible on the fragilities of education, he says he is bewildered by the ranking of France after Chile on science education.

A little further on, the former rector of the Academy Patrick Hetzel (Bas-Rhin), familiar with school/company relations, compares the situation in France with that in Germany, where the professional streams are more solid. ” The Germans have been able to build in an exemplary way the possibility for young people to pursue their vocational training very far. More than half of the leaders of large German companies have gone through apprenticeship schemes. It is very revealing!“.

Before leaving the establishment, which ended with testimonials from students and teachers, in the presence of the deputy of Haute-Loire Isabelle Valentin, Olivier Marleix takes the measure of the challenge to be met. He once again criticizes Minister Pap Ndiaye “offline “to have an approach”too dogmaticof a cruel reality that is imposed on everyone. “National education must be snatched away from all forms of ideology“, promises the leader of the right to the embly.

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