the match of the party for Violets on a cloud


Three days after its coronation in the Coupe de France, the TFC is still in…

the match of the party for Violets on a cloud

the match of the party for Violets on a cloud

Three days after its coronation in the Coupe de France, the TFC is still in the mood for the party when it comes time to receive RC Lens (9 p.m.), third in Ligue 1.

It’s a bit like having the baccalaureate and continuing to go to cl***. Toulouse finds the daily grind of Ligue 1 this Tuesday (9 p.m., on Amazon Prime Video), for the reception of RC Lens in a late match of the 33rd day. A justified delay, because the TFC had a trophy to fetch. Sunday, the Violets brought the Coupe de France back to the Place du Capitolethe day after their dazzling victory in the final against Nantes (5-1) in Saint Denis. They were still drunk with joy.

“It is an immense pride that Toulouse feels since yesterday, of which we did not imagine the magnitude, the fervor and the warmth“, was moved the mayor of the city, Jean-Luc Moudenc. Within the Town Hall, players were still struggling to get down. “When we arrived at the Capitol, with the supporters who came in large numbers, we really realized that we had done a great thing.“, shared the Belgian midfielder Brecht Dejaegere at the microphone of France 3 Occitania. “I can’t figure it out yet, it’s crazy“, Opposed Farès Chaïbi, 20, trained at the club, whose dark circles betrayed the short night that the locker room reserved for itself.

Toulouse are not used to winning

18,000 Toulouse residents gathered in the heart of the city to welcome their heroes on Sunday, at the end of the afternoon, and there would have been many more if security had allowed it. In Toulouse, it’s crazy because it’s rare. The club, founded in 1970, had never played in a Coupe de France final. His ancestor, disbanded in 1967, had only lifted the cup once, ten years before his disappearance.

In fact, the TFC had never won anything, apart from three L2 titles, including one last year. There were already crowds at the time, but Sunday was “another world“, was amazed the captain Dejagere, “bibiche” of his nickname. The euphoria only complicates the task of coach Philippe Montanier, whose the 13th team in Ligue 1 nine points ahead of the red zone. Unless there is a disaster, there will be maintenance at the end.

“We had requested to play on Wednesday”, regrets Montanier

“We still play on Tuesday so I would like us to go to the Capitol and go to bed behind but for once, I’m not sure to be heard“, laughed Montanier in the wake of the title. In a slightly more serious tone, Monday at a press conference, the 58-year-old coach regretted playing again so soon. “We had applied to play on Wednesday. We will not give gifts to Lens, but I think Marseille and Monaco must be furious about this programming“, he commented.

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The festivities will continue at the Stadium, where 33,000 spectators will again admire the Coupe de France. For Toulouse, it would almost become a gala match. Not for RC Lens, on mission. The Sang et Or must win to come within a point of Marseille, 2nd in Ligue 1, before receiving the Olympians at Félix-Bollaert on Saturday (9 p.m.).

“To hope to experience a beautiful thing against Marseille, you must first perform very well against Toulouse“, warned the artesian coach Franck Haise. Lens can take a big step towards the Champions League. Toulouse is not in these spheres, but it is no less weightless.

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