“The masquerade must stop because phobia kills”


“Is this action by the LFP a success? Absolutely not, because we have many more…

“The masquerade must stop because phobia kills”

“The masquerade must stop because phobia kills”

“Is this action by the LFP a success?
Absolutely not, because we have many more players who refuse to wear this jersey than last year, when there was only Idrissa Gueye. Then, it is ineffective, we see it by the manifestations of phobia during the matches which are in very strong progression. We provide proof of this on our social networks with images and sounds. We must therefore stop congratulating ourselves, as the LFP and its ociative partners do. These ociations cover the inaction of the League for ten years.

How so ?
In 2013, we released a survey conducted by an academic, Anthony Mette, which showed that 50% of young people in training centers declared phobic opinions. These figures were alarming at the time and should have given rise to a long-term action plan for the League and the clubs. However, nothing has been done and we see the result. The LFP does not even have the will to measure the problem it claims to be fighting. It’s smoking.

This day of action is intended to make things happen…
How can you lie to yourself so much by pretending that things are moving forward? We are the only ones to show the manifestations of phobia in football and to ask for sanctions, that is to say just the application of the rules… The masquerade must stop because phobia kills. Lucas, 13, killed himself on January 7 after being bullied in college. On February 8, we heard “ we must kill these s of Parisians at the Velodrome. It is totally indecent and unbearable.

What do you recommend?
Players who refuse to wear this jersey must clearly explain their motivation. At the moment, we don’t really know them. If it is for religious reasons, let them say so, we are in a democracy which guarantees freedom of belief, of thought… It is enough to free speech, to debate it and finally to remember that the phobia, in our secular republic, is a crime. And that must include the supporters. What is the LFP’s action plan for them? He does not exist (as part of its CSR approach, the LFP organizes workshops on this subject with supporters in clubs). Let’s not forget that violence against LGBT people is on the rise in France, and that LGBT people are subject to the death penalty in around ten countries around the world. This circus that repeats itself every year must stop. We need a more ambitious action plan, with a zero tolerance policy, like in England. »

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