The boxes of Racing and Pau in the Top 14


Racing-Bayonne: 55-14 In this meeting between the 7th and 8th of the Top 14, the…

The boxes of Racing and Pau in the Top 14

The boxes of Racing and Pau in the Top 14

Racing-Bayonne: 55-14

In this meeting between the 7th and 8th of the Top 14, the poster had hours of knockout matches in the race for the top 6. Racing, always present in the final phase since its rise in the elite in 2009, n did not panic against Aviron in Nanterre. If the Bayonnais were the first to cross the goal line thanks to Guillaume Martocq, well served by Camille Lopez, the Ile-de-France residents quickly responded with a superb recovery concluded by Vinaya Habosi just before the break (13-7). Launched by the magician Finn Russell, Gaël Fickou and Juan Imhoff accentuated the gap to the score to ensure a success for Ciel et Blanc before the hour mark. Fabien Then Sanconnie, Kitione Kamikamica, Habosi and Fickou added to the bill and offered Racing the offensive bonus point. At the same time, Ile-de-France residents return to the qualifying wagon.

Pau-Castres: 40-3

Victorious with the bonus, Pau took place against Castres (40-3) and at the same time carried out a good operation in the race for maintenance. Sébastien Piqueronies’ men took control in the 5th minute through their captain Beka Gorgadze. And very logically, the Argentinian Santiago Grondona worsened the score in the 21st minute against very disappointing Tarnais. At the break, the Section led by a wide margin (20-3).

When they returned from the locker room, the Castres missed their chance on two big chances from Josaia Raisuqe then Baptiste Delaporte. And just after the yellow card from the back of CO Julien Dumora, Lucas Rey put an end to the meager suspense (28-3, 56th) before Emilien Gailleton, top scorer in the Top 14, scored his twelfth and thirteenth tries (62nd and 73rd) while opposite Santiago Arata also took a yellow for a bad gesture on the face of Mathias Colombet.

Lyon-Perpignan: 41-31

Miraculous Lyonnais! By regaining the advantage less than five minutes from the end, the LOU saved the essentials. Faced with a team from the USAP who came without their executives, we thought that the match would quickly be over for the Lyonnais who scored two tries in the first ten minutes. The impact of Garbajosa’s players, the rhythm of the offensives open up gaps, but the LOU is imprecise by haste. The USAP without complex does not let go, plays each shot thoroughly and comes back with a try from Brazo then is very close to second on a counter spoiled by a forward. If the Lyonnais regain air on a school try by Saginadze, they commit faults which allow the Catalans to stay in the match thanks to the success at the foot of Laborde.

The Catalans take advantage of Lyon’s defensive apathy to come back tied with a try from Rodor (24-24, 45th) and will take the advantage on a cap try from Seguela. Lyon are very close to being scuttled in their quest for qualification but an interception by Couilloud four minutes from the end, then a try by Gomez-Kodela at the siren, get the Lyonnais out of the trap.

Montpellier-Brive: 26-27

At the end of the suspense, Brive wins on the lawn of Montpellier (26-27) and retains the hope of remaining in the Top 14. After an insipid first period, marked by the red card inflicted on Brive Axel Muller (21st) , synonymous with the first try for the MHR (Bouthier, 23rd), the second act was much livelier. Brive opener Nicolas Sanchez started it by p***ing a penalty just to put a little more pressure on the MHR (5-3, 44th). We thought the meeting was going to change in the 50th when the Montpellier residents scored a second try by Tisseron (12-5). But no.

Five later, the Corréziens regained hope following a trickster try from Mathis Ferté (12-10, 55th). Ditto on the hour mark when Chalureau gave the MHR a little leeway (19-10). But again, a penalty try put Brive back in the game (19-17, 67th), who *****ed again two minutes later with a try from Lucas (26-17), 69th). But Patrice Collazo’s men tried everything to the end. And they were rewarded with a try from Bruni after stoppage time (80 + 3rd), synonymous with a 26-27 victory following the transformation of Sanchez. This success allows Brive to return to four points from Perpignan and believe in maintaining.

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