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This Tuesday morning, Gérald Darmanin heard the government instruction: he wants to attack Marine Le…

Why Mélenchon pushes Ruffin |  The echoes

Why Mélenchon pushes Ruffin | The echoes

This Tuesday morning, Gérald Darmanin heard the government instruction: he wants to attack Marine Le Pen. He urges the BFM journalist to come to the point and draws. “It’s the lazy party. The void. She always says the things you want to hear, her nose on the polls, ”said the Minister of the Interior. Not without reason.

The day before for the 1er May, the former presidential candidate wanted to change eras. She speaks from Le Havre , with headband microphone and prompters. It decides on new chapter headings: ecological, demographic, civilizational transition. But no concrete ideas.

Can the attack carry so far? It would be necessary that the other formations are not affected by the same lack of new ideas. This same morning, the Minister would like to respond to the violence that marked the union demonstrations. We must think about an anti-breaker law at European level, he proposes, while the Constitutional Council had rejected that of 2019. Bringing out old ideas, this is one of the ways of occupying the public debate when it is forced .

Parliamentary and budgetary constraints

When the majority is relative, it necessarily is. When Fitch sounds the debt alert , even more. The government wants to turn the retirement page, but to talk about what? “The principle is to respond to the concrete concerns of the French”, fixes Elisabeth Borne to the deputies who resume their work. The subjects must be consensual to hope for a majority. The anointing of presidential suffrage is not enough to give impetus, the retreats have shown. SO ? When ideas are rare, we tear them away.

This is how we have seen ministers dispute the week of four days over 35 hours (Véran and Attal) or compete in muscles in the fight against fraud (Attal and The Mayor). Because how to make up for the lack of ideas? By picking from the neighbor, but also by surfing the news. Fitch downgrades the note, Eric Ciotti rushes to highlight the budgetary concern that LR seemed to have forgotten (“Le Figaro”).

By saying no to everything too, Mélenchon’s specialty which flirts with the idea of ​​insurrection. Or getting lost in questions of politics and people. One or more lists for the 2024 Europeans, with or without Melenchon in 2027?

In the space of the center left, we see a space being born. LFI is damaged, the macronist left has not digested the pensions. We believe in it, we talk to each other again, at the Blue Train or elsewhere, Cazeneuve is getting ready, we call ourselves social democrats again, but on what ideas? It’s way too early! When there is a drought of ideas, we save ourselves.

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