over 3,000 student accommodations requisitioned to house gaming staff


By Le Figaro with AFP Published 12 minutes ago , Update just now In Île-de-France,…

Lucas Vazquez suffered a sprained right ankle

Lucas Vazquez suffered a sprained right ankle

By Le Figaro with AFP

12 minutes ago
Update just now

In Île-de-France, more than 3,000 student accommodations will be made available to the staff of the Paris 2024 Olympics.

More than 3,000 student accommodation will be requisitioned in Île-de-France during the Paris Olympic Games in the summer of 2024 in order to accommodate the staff of the event, the Ministry of Sports told AFP on Thursday.

“The census carried out has already made it possible to identify nearly 18,000 places available during the Olympic Games, including around 3,200 in the Crous (Regional Centers for University and School Works, Editor’s note)“, affirmed the ministry.

It is about accommodatingsecurity forces, caregivers, first aiders, bus drivers or even private security agents“.

The ministry clarified that all students making their room available during the Olympic Games, which will take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024, will be guaranteed to find accommodation when the academic year begins in September.

For those who plan to stay in the Paris region during this period, they will see themselves “offer accommodation in another residence“, ures the ministry.

On Wednesday, a user posted on Twitter a screenshot of an email sent by the Crous de Versailles warning that the student residence should be “empty of any inhabitant as of July 1, 2024“.

Contacted by AFP, the establishment confirmed the authenticity of this email, indicating however that it was a “truncated version“.

“Our message specified the right to relocation in July-August if necessary and the guarantee of finding your accommodation in September.“, reacted the Crous of Versailles.

“Students will of course be individually accompanied by the teams of our residences“, he continued.

David Martinez, communication manager of the Cnous (National Center for University and School Works) explained to him that “less than 7% of Ile-de-France residences would be affectedand reaffirmed that no student would be penalized.

Despite these commitments, the Unef expressed concern about the ability of the Crous not to create an unfavorable situation for the residents of the establishments.

The student union demanded in a press release that the requisitions be made “only on accommodation where students have left voluntarily and without any requisition that would force eviction or relocation.»

He “also asks that the State provide financial support for the rental of Crous rooms so as not to further widen the deficit of these public servicesand says he deplores the lack of government support for the construction of new student residences.

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