Our selection of equipment to resume physical training at home


Acer’s eKinekt BD 3 desk bike and Bodyhit’s Symbiont connected suit. Bodyhit – Acer THE…

Our selection of equipment to resume physical training at home

Our selection of equipment to resume physical training at home

Acer’s eKinekt BD 3 desk bike and Bodyhit’s Symbiont connected suit. Bodyhit – Acer

THE FIGARO SELECTION – Connected bicycles, weight benches and other electrostimulation devices promise to shape our bodies in the comfort of our cozy nests. Explanations.

Obesityhypertension, diabetes, heart disease… 95% of the French population would be exposed to a deterioration in their health due to a lack of physical activity, according to ANSES (National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety). A sedentary lifestyle, especially time spent in front of screens or sitting behind a desk, is harmful to the body. The agency thus advises running or walking at a good pace for 30 minutes, 5 times a week. Or to do muscle building once or twice a week (swimming, aerobics, tennis, etc.). Easier said than done when you live in the city and are constantly overwhelmed with daily tasks. Some will take a subscription in a gym. Others will take advantage of the latest technological innovations to get back into shape at home, at their own pace.

In the area of ​​cycling, you can equip yourself with the magnificent and spectacular apartment model from the Isère residents of FitnessBoutique, André Martin (€3,499, andre-martin.fr). Behind a sumptuous sleek design (oak frame, leather saddle, etc.), it houses an electromagnetic generator designed to offer pedaling resistance but above all to generate its own electricity and be self-powered. No need for an electrical outlet to operate its 25.4 cm touch screen, on which you can access training programs but also popular streaming services (Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, etc.). For the most athletic, a “fitness test” takes into account heart rate, age, gender and training intensity in order to monitor the progress of a sports program (with visualization of the distance traveled, speed, RPM, pulse, calories, watts…). Still at the top of the range, you can equip yourself with the Technogym Bench training bench (€1450).

Designed to save space, it contains all the tools to practice an infinite number of exercises intended to work the whole body, i.e. five pairs of hexagonal dumbbells, three weights, three elastic bands and a mat. coaching. It allows you to perform more than 200 exercises and access a vast library of 20 to 30-minute videos led by Technogym experts, which can be adapted to any type of objective and level. As a bonus, the Technogym mobile app integrates Apple Music to train on your favorite songs. In the same spirit, let’s mention the Infinyfit 130 (€799), from the French start-up Infinyfit, which provides 140 sports or medical bodybuilding exercises corresponding to its objectives. Its advantage? It folds in 30 seconds to store in a cupboard (113 × 70 × 20 cm when folded).

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Various exercises

For those allergic to effort as well as for great athletes (your choice depending on the program chosen), the electrostimulation specialist Compex is launching a belt designed to tone, strengthen, relax and massage the lower back and abdominals. Controlled via Bluetooth via a mobile application, the Corebelt 5.0 (€220) includes nine programs spread over three 20-minute sessions per week, and personalized coaching for all types of profiles. It can be used alone or in addition to muscle exercises to maximize the effects, and fatigue…

To go even further in muscle stimulation, we will adopt the Symbiont connected suit from Bodyhit (bodyhit.fr). Equipped with 24 dry electrodes distributed over 12 muscle groups, a battery and a wireless connection, it provides optimal stimulation of the cardiovascular system, metabolism and joints, when combined with various exercises, from jumping jacks (small jumps with split legs) to burpees (full muscle routines). A 20 minute session would be equivalent to 4 hours of strengthening! For the time being, in addition to a few VIPs, the Symbiont combination is available in 130 clubs spread over the territory. Count a subscription of 180 € for 3 months, at the rate of 4 coaching sessions per month.

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Let’s end this overview with a product as funny as it is ingenious, which will satisfy both office fitness enthusiasts and planet preservation activists: the eKinekt BD 3 office bike from Korean Acer (€990, available in June ). Capable of converting the energy produced by pedaling into electricity, it can charge laptops, mobiles or any other device (a lamp?) thanks to its two USB A and USB Type-C ports. For sports or studious moments, it has two positions, sport and work. A mobile app tracks progress over time and summarizes workout time, calories burned, or watts generated. Acer does not specify whether an employer can monitor the activity of its employees and impose a minimum number of watts to produce to help reduce its carbon footprint…

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