Nice: Ayoub Amraoui the light, Terem Moffi the ghost


By Louis Mouret Posted 6 minutes ago , Update just now Ayoub Amraoui and Terem…

Nice: Ayoub Amraoui the light, Terem Moffi the ghost

Nice: Ayoub Amraoui the light, Terem Moffi the ghost

By Louis Mouret

6 minutes ago
Update just now

Ayoub Amraoui and Terem Moffi PANORAMIC

TOPS/FLOPS – The flash of Amraoui, the activity of the Nice midfield, the catastrophic lawn or the discreet Terem Moffi… Find the Tops and Flops of Nice’s victory against the Sheriff (1-0).


Ayoub Amraoui turned on the light

Boring for a long time, this match brightened up for a moment. On his right side, 25 meters from goal, the young full-back sends a cross that turns into a shot and ends up in the opposite side net and the skylight of the Sheriff’s goal. Was it really wanted on the part of the Nice side? He will probably not admit it, but so much this gesture surprised his world, it seems likely that this shooting center was not his basic idea. Never mind, it is he who gives the victory to his team (1-0) when he was only playing his third game as a professional tonight. A good evening for him.

The envy of the Nice environment

This trio wanted to win and it showed. In a match where mastery was not the key word, the Nice midfield stood out for its constant activity and presence. Fighters in all the duels, they put the intensity necessary for a European Cup match and in particular Khepren Thuram who we saw a lot this evening. His teammate, Hicham Boudaoui was intractable in defense with four balls recovered by cutting the passing lines.


The deplorable state of the lawn

It’s the competition that wants that: to give the chance to less developed clubs to participate in the European Cup. But playing a game on a pitch like tonight’s isn’t the best idea. Resembling a dirt field on several parts of the field, the lawn harmed the spectacle and the technical quality of the meeting. The Niçois were therefore unable to fully use their superiority in this respect. An element to take into account for the return match on a better lawn at the Allianz Rivieira.

A rhythm unworthy of the European Cup

Judging only by the offensive production and the desire displayed on the field this evening, one would think that this match was only a friendly meeting at the start of the season. If Nice has at times tried to create things, the Sheriff Tiraspol, yet at home, has offered almost nothing. No pressing, no changes of pace, no revolts, nothing exciting in itself. It is to be hoped for the Nice supporters that the spectacle will be more present during the return match, at the risk of having to live another boring match.

Unseen Terem Moffi

While we were just waiting for his presence in this kind of closed match to be decisive, the new Niçois failed to be served. Whether in the surface or in the game, he did almost nothing and did not have enough activity. On the field for 90 minutes, he only touched 24 balls despite possession of the ball in favor of the Aiglons (54%). For comparison, Gaétan Laborde, released in the 79th minute, touched 41 balloons. A service that is too neutral and too discreet for a player bought for 30 million euros (bonus included). It remains once again disappointing since its arrival at the end of January.

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