Lacazette as a savior, Lille collapses


By Thomas Larroquette Published yesterday at 11:34 p.m. , Update yesterday at 23:46 Lacazette made…

Lacazette as a savior, Lille collapses

Lacazette as a savior, Lille collapses

By Thomas Larroquette

yesterday at 11:34 p.m.
Update yesterday at 23:46

Lacazette made a thunderous entry while André and his team cracked. Panoramic

David’s incredible evening, Lacazette on fire, Lille cracks… Discover the tops and flops after the opening match of the 27th day of L1 Lille-Lyon.


Who else but Lacazette?

He had been away for three weeks, hamstring injury. Alexandre Lacazette made his return to the bench this Friday evening. Entering around the 72nd minute in place of Rayan Cherki, the French international was initially unhappy on Lille’s third goal. The former Arsenal player takes a free kick from Cabella with his hand. But then the striker gave a real recital. On a superb cross from Kumbedi, Lacazette headed the ball and reduced the mark for OL (83rd). At the end of regulation time, he takes a good ball from Barcola and sends the leather into the skylight. Lyon have finally found their striker.

David’s Crazy Night

Jonathan David first scored the first goal of the game on a service from Bamba (46th) after being little served in the first act. 15 minutes later, the striker does not tremble and converts a penalty. 10 minutes from the end of the game, David will again deceive Riou on Penalty after a hand from Lacazette. But David did better. He became the top scorer in the history of the club in the 21st century (53 goals) ahead of Eden Hazard (50) and at the same time, top scorer in Ligue 1 (19 goals), ahead of Kylian Mbappé (18). An almost perfect evening for Jonathan David.


Lille’s regrets

The Mastiffs seemed to have done the hardest part. Until the 83rd minute, Paulo Fonseca’s men were leading by two goals. But they cracked. As against Paris (4-3 defeat) not so long ago, but with a loss. Faced with the Lyon furia, the Lille residents suffered multiple attacks and broke away. Defensively and while they had been solid until then, Rémy Cabella’s teammates cracked and left Barcola and Lacazette too much space. With this draw, Lille will not take 5th place in Rennes at the end of this 27th day…

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A contested arbitration decision

As we head for a draw at the end of a totally crazy match, Bamba heads for Rémy Riou’s goal. In the box, the player overtakes Kumbedi but the latter seems to cause the Lille player to fall. Benoît Bastien, the referee of the meeting, does not hesitate and grants the third penalty in favor of the Mastiffs. Ounas, back after a thigh injury in mid-January, can be the savior of his team but Mr. Bastien decides to consult the VAR. Kumbedi hinders Bamba’s race but nothing helps, Benoît Bastien cancels the decision and even sends a yellow card to Bamba for simulation! The action deserves to be reviewed…

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