JV – F1 23, a date and promises


After showing up in a promising but sparse trailer last week, F1 23 has finally…

JV – F1 23, a date and promises

JV – F1 23, a date and promises

After showing up in a promising but sparse trailer last week, F1 23 has finally unveiled some of the changes that this annual vintage of the official video game simulation of Formula 1 will include. his episode 2022 had disappointed hardcore fans, EA Sports wants to raise the bar by reviewing its copy and promises a “significant improvement” on car physics. To see if they kept their word, we will have to wait until June 16, the official release date of the game.

Wanting to make single-seater driving more ” authentic “EA announces that it has revised its acceleration, braking and cornering system. The slippage of the tires has thus been modified and should impact the inertia of the car, just like the pages on the curbs or damaged portions of the circuit. The editor also presented a new system of “precision driving”, supposed to make more precise the trajectories.

Return of the red flags

In game, some new features have also been announced. To offer an in-between between short race and short long race, a new race distance, equivalent to 35% of the real time of a real race, will thus be made available. Absent in 2022, the red flags will also make their return in the event of an incident on the track, spicing up the race scenarios a little. Two new circuits will also make their appearance in this opus: those from Vegas (United States) and Lusail (Qatar).

In addition, without giving more information, EA has confirmed the return of different game modes: Braking Point 2, its story mode widely highlighted in its trailer, as well as Career and My Team. A new multiplayer mode, F1 World, is also arriving. Finally, the publisher revealed the identity of the pilots on its jackets: on the Standard edition, the one will be shared by Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris, while Max Verstappen will occupy only that of the Champions edition.

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