Gregory Patat (Bayonne): “Racing spanked us”


Grégory Patat (manager of Aviron Bayonnais, largely beaten by Racing55-14, Saturday): “That was definitely our…

Gregory Patat (Bayonne): “Racing spanked us”

Gregory Patat (Bayonne): “Racing spanked us”

Grégory Patat (manager of Aviron Bayonnais, largely beaten by Racing55-14, Saturday): “That was definitely our limit. Today, there was character, desire, but at key moments, there were a lot of approximations. The high level is played on details. Today was a very high level match to hit Racing. Key moments have escaped us. They fed on counterattack balloons. This is our current reality.

The score is anecdotal for me because we overplay, we do things that we don’t usually do. They had the opportunity to spank us, they spanked us. Today the step was too high for us. But if we had said at the start of the season that we would play for a place within six or three days of the end, we would have been taken for fools. We fell on stronger, on a very good Racing which respected us. »

“We have two matches left, and it would be a stain to take more beatings […] We had never given up like that”

Camille Lopez, Bayonne opener

Camille Lopez (Bayonne opener): ” There is nothing to say. We took a slap. It wasn’t our face on the season. It’s a shame to let go like that in the second half. There are too many small details against a great team playing at the top of the table. That’s the difference with us who are learning. We suffer too easily, we make mistakes, we don’t get the ball out. They are constantly moving forward. Today, we are overwhelmed.

We were hoping to do something but it’s not our place. If we could have stayed there until the last moment, we would have taken it. Our primary goal was maintenance. We have to stay on that, and we have to be positive. The season is beautiful but it is not over, we must not give up. We have two matches left. (Clermont, Lyons), and it would stain to take other jerks. We are coming to the end of the season, we don’t have the same squad as the other teams. We have reached our limit. Today, we are overtaken by a team that is used to playing at the top of the table. We had never given up like that. »

“We saw our limit […]. We let go on a mental level”

Facundo Bosch, Bayonne hooker

Facundo Bosch (Bayonne hooker): “We saw our limit. We will still stay positive. This is the first game we’ve dropped. And again, we did not let go until the 50th minute. We must also congratulate Racing, which played every ball it had. They had a great game.

We let go mentally, we have to think about that before the reception of Clermont next week. We must ***ume, raise our heads and return to work on Monday. It’s the performance that counts. We’ll see what happens next. »

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