Gérard Larcher would “clearly” refuse the post of Prime Minister


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Gérard Larcher would “clearly” refuse the post of Prime Minister

Gérard Larcher would “clearly” refuse the post of Prime Minister

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“Being Prime Minister comes from a project that we share”, wanted to remind the President of the Senate on Sunday to the Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro.

Gérard Larcher promises: “I will do everything so that it is not four years for nothing”. However, there is no question of crossing the Rubicon by joining the government when his name is circulating as a possible future tenant of Matignon. “If the President of the Republic offered me to be Prime Minister, I would refuse (…) I would clearly refuse. Being Prime Minister comes from a project that we share, from a contract that we have signed and therefore it is only possible before or after an election.he explained on Sunday on the set of the “Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro“. Of which act.

Unlike other opposition executives, Gérard Larcher does not consider that France would have entered into a “democratic crisis” since the adoption of the pension reform. “Parliament is not paralyzed. It is the government that is a bit caught between conflicting imperatives., he judged. The President of the Senate also says that he warned Emmanuel Macron: “I told the President of the Republic that what was in question, in addition to not having a majority, was his method, his verticality. It is not supported by the French”. In this context, Gérard Larcher was delighted to the resumption of consultations between the unions and the executive. “The time for social dialogue has come again. It has been particularly weak in our country for six years.he quipped.


Unlike some on the right, including Lot deputy Aurélien PradiéGérard Larcher did not encourage his people to vote on June 8 for the Liot group’s bill. These centrists intend to take advantage of their day of parliamentary niche to repeal the retirement at 64 years. “A law has just been p***ed. Now it needs to be implemented. I think it is weakening the function of parliamentarian to use the subterfuge of a bill “ to come back to a text just adopted, estimated the president of the upper house. According to him, the majority on the right in the Senate would not support such a text. As for the mobilizations still underway against the pension reform, Gérard Larcher warned that he would “unacceptable” that demonstrations are held on Monday during the May 8 commemorations. “Dignity is also one of the essential values ​​of the Republic. There is a time for everything”he recalled.

Gérard Larcher hopes in any case that the government will meet the immigration bill, postponed until next fall. According to him, this migration issue is “one of the great failures of Emmanuel Macron’s six years” at the Elysee. “There is a need to work on asylum, family reunification, students, integration, the situation of unaccompanied minors”, he unfolded. The President of the Senate was therefore slightly ironic about the reviews by Gerald Darmanin against the head of the Italian government Giorgia Meloni: “Still, we should be able to give lessons. In terms of migration, I am not sure that we are exemplary”he wanted to recall, while in turn pinning the president of the Council of Ministers of Italy: “The limits of Madame Meloni, we are seeing them. She had pledged to stop immigration. We see the result today”he noted.

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