first signs of panic


Benjamin Ferran Le Figaro “THE AWAKENING OF THE MACHINES” N°5 – Update on advances in…

first signs of panic

first signs of panic

Benjamin Ferran Le Figaro

“THE AWAKENING OF THE MACHINES” N°5 – Update on advances in artificial intelligence, and the debates it arouses.

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Artificial intelligence will probably not lead to the end of the world, except in science fiction films. On the other hand, it is certain that jobs are already being destroyed in its name. Drew Houston, the CEO and founder of the company Dropbox (online file storage), wrote it down in black and white in a letter to its employees. He made the decision to cut 500 jobs, 16% of his company’s workforce, to position himself “at the forefront of the age of AI, just as we were at the forefront of the shift to mobile telephony and cloud computing“.

Dropbox isn’t cutting those jobs to replace developers with machines. Drew Houston separates from teams to hire specialists in artificial intelligence, who will be able to put these products at the heart of its strategy. This new knowledge is highly sought after in Silicon Valley. The former CEO of Reddit gave this advice to recently laid-off tech workers: get on AI urgently. “It is not necessary to have great technical skills.»

These jolts announce more intense tremors, for many professions. When consulting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers

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