Esport – League of Legends: in LFL, Solary is playing for the title, LDLC OL wants to keep it


Team of the week: Team GO Loic “Toucouille” Dubois and Jean “Jezu” Massol warned a…

Esport – League of Legends: in LFL, Solary is playing for the title, LDLC OL wants to keep it

Esport – League of Legends: in LFL, Solary is playing for the title, LDLC OL wants to keep it

Team of the week: Team GO

Loic “Toucouille” Dubois and Jean “Jezu” Massol warned a few days ago : Team GO’s balance sheet at the end of the first leg of the LFL regular season did not really reflect the team’s performance and potential. Above all, there was not much missing for the machine to really get going for one of the announced contenders for the title.

And after a success facilitated by an absence on the side of Izi Dream in Boulogne-Billancourt, GO showed a conquering face this week against Vitality Bee and Aegis. Two victories without trembling, creativity in the draft and dominant performances which bring the formation of coach Hadrien “Duke” Forestier to a point of the head. She also appears, finally, as the favorite that she is.

Player of the Week: Belan “TakeSet” Ahour

We’ll have to get used to it: Solary is really playing for the title this year. Tied for third (7 wins, 4 losses), in the midst of a series of victories, the “team of friends” is in good shape. Winner of GameWard leader and BDS Academy this week, two good LFL teams, she can thank her adc Belan “TakeSet” Ahour again. Important Wednesday – well helped by Dawid “Melonik” Sleczka – to overthrow a GW that we saw spinning towards victory, invincible on Thursday, can the Dane carry the Touraine club towards a long-awaited coronation?

Game of the Week: Karmine Corp – GameWard

It’s undeniable, the Karmine Corp is better. After a disastrous start to the year, she finally kicked off her season a week ago by beating Vitality Bee on LFL Day, finally showing a convincing face. If she confirmed it on Wednesday evening against BK ROG with an easy victory and a controlled performance, she is not yet completely cured. His meeting against GameWard on Thursday proved it. Against the surprise leader of the championship, however, the KC started the game very well, slowly gaining the upper hand before taking the break around Baron Nashor.

Probably reassured by his level of play and then launched straight towards a week with two victories, his team was however going to rush things by forgetting themselves on the midlane. Too advanced, naive, she suffered a perfectly executed flank attack from GameWard, which reversed the game before concluding in a flash. The KCorp is in some progress, but with two victories behind the play-offs, it has no right to make this kind of mistake. For its part, GameWard continues to surprise.

The flop of the week: Aegis

Very difficult week for Aegis. Faced with LDLC OL and Team GO, two teams heading towards the play-offs, one of the newcomers to the LFL this year did not exist. Two matches, two defeats (three in a row) and above all two worrying performances, without relief or much to keep. Double champion of France last year, captain Jérémy “Eika” Valdenaire cannot find a solution and his training gets dangerously stuck in the second part of the table. With two victories behind the final phase – like the Karmine but this one is in a more positive dynamic – Aegis is in danger.

But also…

Twice champion of France last year, LDLC OL changed everything during the off-season but still remains well established at the top of the table. Against a duo of formations that are not doing well, two successes have put the Lyonnais back in the lead, tied with GameWard. Vitality Bee could have held on, but the bee team lost its two games of the week (Team GO then BK ROG, which thus continues to believe in the play-offs) by showing worrying signals in the draft, with questionable choices. On a series of three defeats in a row now, tied with BDS Academy (six victories), she must stop the bleeding to avoid to see the pursuers return.

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