Collet’s strong message to Gobert


The coach of the French basketball teamhopeto be able to count on the pivot of…

Collet’s strong message to Gobert

Collet’s strong message to Gobert

The coach of the French basketball teamhopeto be able to count on the pivot of the Timberwolves this summer, during the World Cup.

Rudy Gobert leaves room for doubt. The answer is firm. After the elimination of “his” Timberwolves in the first round of the play-offs, the 30-year-old tricolor international pivot has clearly indicated his intention to think before accepting the invitation of the France team to the 2023 World Cup in Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan. Words that did not surprise Vincent Collet, knowing that Gobert had already explained it to Boris Diaw in recent days. The coach did not bother to talk directly with the former Jazz player. He nevertheless made things clear this Saturday, at a press conference, after the draw for the World Cup. The tone is firm, the message clear.

“We’re going to let him rest a little, thinkslips coach Collet in front of journalists, in video, from Manila. All I can say is that if he decides not to come, he will, but don’t say it’s to better prepare for next season. I’ve heard it for 15 years and I systematically see players not playing better the following year when they didn’t come to the France team during the summer. It’s even rather the opposite that happens… As far as he is concerned, in 2014 (at the World Cup in Spain), he was there and he did well to be there because it is there that launched his NBA career.»

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I dare to hope that he will be there this summer.

Vincent Collet

Remember that Gobert is coming out of a frustrating season in Minnesota, collectively and individually, he who struggled to justify the investments made by his new club. Collet, however, is not ready to be softened… “With a bit of time… He said that two days after the end of the season, with the fatigue, the elimination… I dare to hope that he will be there this summer. For several years, he has been one of our leaders. He knows that this World Cup is not only worth the World Cup but also to be a launching pad for the Games. We need him. And I think he also needs the French team to have the best possible season in 2023-24. He has time to rest. I heard what Jacques Monclar said on the subject. We attack on July 28 (date of the start of the French team rally, editor’s note), it was delayed because of the NBA, we are at the end of April. He has three months to take care of him, rest and be with us on July 28“, insists the Mets coach.

Three-time best defender in the NBA and three-time All Star, Rudy Gobert ended the season with 13.4 points, 11.6 rebounds and 1.4 against on average, he who has come to blows with a teammate in recent days. In the French team, he participated in the conquest of five medals, including silver at the Tokyo Olympics and Euro 2022. His absence would be all the more detrimental as Joel Embiid will also not be part of the World Cup.

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