Antoine Dupont: “We know we are in the nails”


“The tenure of Marcus Smith in place of Owen Farrell opener change the way England…

Antoine Dupont: “We know we are in the nails”

Antoine Dupont: “We know we are in the nails”

“The tenure of Marcus Smith in place of Owen Farrell opener change the way England play?
They are two different profiles, but I don’t think that changes the English style of play very much. Marcus Smith is a player who likes to attack the line, who is more dangerous in duels, a little less in management than Owen Farrell, who is perhaps stronger in defense, but the strategy of a team does not depend not one man. I believe that these two players can blend in with the style of play advocated by their coach. Marcus Smith is also capable of kicking. As for having Farrell on the bench, it can also be very interesting for the English in the last twenty minutes of the match.

Is it still impressive to come and play in the temple of Twickenham?
We are lucky to play in incredible big stadiums and Twickenham is one of them. We know it will be difficult to win here. The last victory in the Tournament in this stadium dates back to 2005.

It is the only Six Nations stadium where you have not won since the arrival of Fabien Galthié at the helm of the team in 2019…
Yes, we lost there twice. The first time in the context of the Autumn Cup of Nations, in 2020, with a revamped team which could very well have won since it had been decided on very little(19-22 AD). The second time in the Tournament in 2021 where we lose by two points (of three actually, 20-23). We know that we are in the nails, that we are capable of winning. We are preparing for this kind of match, the best to play.

Given the current level of the fifteen of the Rose, is it not the year or never to win here?
I’m not sure of it. Two years ago, we were also given a favorite here and yet we lost. This English team is still very experienced and is made up of great players capable of playing their best rugby in the big moments.

What does it bring you to come and reconnoiter the stadium the day before the match?
It allows you to take your bearings, to feel the atmosphere, to confront the weather, in short to already set foot in the match the next day.

“Dorian (Aldegheri) knows the game system and the required level »

What do you expect from the return of Jonathan Danty in the starting fifteen?
We expect him to play as he knows how to do, to bring his power, to help us physically dominate the opponent and take the middle of the field.

How, with the other Toulouse players in the team, did you manage to put Dorian Aldegheri in the best conditions before this match against the English? (the right pillar will hold) ?
Dorian has already experienced this level, he has already played matches in the final phase of the Top 14 or the European Cup, so he does not necessarily need to be very surrounded. He knows the game system and the required level. And his start to the season with Stade Toulousain shows that he wanted to come back with us. »

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