Mom Cradles 18-Year-Old Son As He Take His Last Breath After He Stepped In To Protect Family

A brave teen stepped in, protecting the family he loved so dearly, and sadly, it cost him his life. But his selfless sacrifice won’t soon be forgotten.

How far would you go when protecting the loved ones who make up your family? For 18-year-old Hussain Chaudhry, he went so far as to give his life.

The young man, described by neighbors as “quiet and respectful”, was attending university in London to study law. But in addition to his schoolwork, Hussain also helped his family with their home-run business.

The family sold designer jackets on the street outside their home in Walthamstow, England. And on this tragic day, Hussain was manning the booth along with his mother and brother.

Two people posing as customers showed up with the intention of robbing the family. They pulled out knives and attempted to steal several of the high-dollar coats.

“They came to steal jackets,” a witness explained. “There were two of them, they were teenagers. The lad was trying to stop them [from] getting away.”

An attacker sliced both Hussain’s mother and brother. But the brave 18-year-old, protecting the family he loved, was the one to take the worst of the attack. The knife hit him in the neck and as he lay bleeding in his mother’s lap, his thoughts were only for his family.

“He said ‘don’t worry mum – just call an ambulance’ and then he looked up to the heavens peacefully,” reported a family friend.

Praise For Teen Who Died Protecting Family

Tragically, 18-year-old Hussain Chaudhry was gone before the ambulance arrived. He died protecting the family he loved.

And though the teen’s bravery is being commended throughout the community, the senseless nature of the act of violence is heart-wrenching.

“They are designer jackets so worth a few hundred pounds but a life had been lost over this, I just cannot understand it,” commented one person.

“He was killed over a jacket, how stupid is that?” said a family friend.

Unfortunately, in this broken world, bad things happen to good people. But the Lord won’t forget the sacrifice Hussain in protecting the family he loves. And that brings comfort.

“Yesterday my beautiful baby brother left this world the same way he came in, cradled in my mother’s arms,” the boy’s older sister wrote as a tribute following the tragedy. “He died defending his family. His eyes were bright, his face showed no pain, he was at peace. To God we belong & to Him we return. You’re home now baby, I’ll see you soon.”

So many prayers for the family this boy died protecting. May they find peace and comfort in the knowledge that their suffering is temporary.

“So you have sorrow now: but I will see you again, and your hearts will be glad, and no one will take away your joy.” John 16: 22

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/The Times and The Sunday Times / Twitter/London 999 Feed

The 3-Year-Old Boy Who Survived 2 Freezing Nights Says That A Bear Helped Keep Him Warm

When Casey Hathaway disappeared from his grandmother’s North Carolina home, the 3-year-old’s family was understandably overcome with panic. The curious boy had apparently wandered out of the yard, where his grandmother had left him to play.

Even after scouring their vast Ernul, North Carolina, property, the toddler wasn’t anywhere to be found. The grandmother called the police, but nobody was optimistic about finding the young boy alive in the middle of winter.

When the boy still hadn’t been located by end of the next day, Casey’s chances of survival appeared even slimmer. It’s freezing in North Carolina in the middle of January, and Casey wasn’t properly dressed for such cold weather.

And then, a miracle. Two days after disappearing, Casey was found alive in a thicket of bushes. But even as the boy’s family marvels at his safe return, they wonder about his creative tale of survival. According to the child’s aunt, Breana Hathaway, the boy credited a friendly bear with keeping him warm.

“Casey is healthy, smiling, and talking,” Breana Hathaway wrote on Facebook. “He said he hung out with a bear for two days. God sent him a friend to keep him safe. God is (a) good God. Miracles do happen.”

Major David McFadyen from the Craven County Sheriff’s Office also heard all about Casey’s new friend. “He made a comment about having a friend while he was in the woods — his friend was a bear,” McFadyen told CNN Monday. “In the emergency room he started talking about what happened in the woods, and he said he had a friend that was a bear with him while he was in the woods.”

Regardless of what happened, Casey’s community is understandably thrilled to have him home. “We are very pleased he had that type of comfort,” McFadyen said. “There were very brutal conditions out there. The first night it dropped down to 20 degrees, the second night we had 2 inches of rain.”

We Grabbed Tissues As We Saw Lee Majors At 82 Years Old

Lee Majors has been a pivotal figure in the film and television industry since the 1960s. He is best known as an actor in features like “The Big Valley,” “The Fall Guy,” and, most notably, in “The Six Million Dollar Man.” However, Majors has starred in plenty of other works that fall under the action-adventure genre and has also showcased more of his range in other projects.

Despite suffering from heartbreak and having to overcome plenty of obstacles throughout his life, Majors has never given up on his goals and aspirations. The star has persisted throughout the years, even as he got older, and continued to find work for himself in the field of his dreams. He had originally hoped to become an athlete or an athletic coach, but fate had other plans in store for Majors, and he changed careers in the direction toward acting.

Majors worked as a stuntman and picked up small roles in television shows along the way before hitting his big break and making acting a full-time job and a long-lasting career. The man quickly became an action star as he continued to land more and more jobs. By taking on roles in other projects, Majors was later able to show off more of his personality and other talents, like singing and voice work.

Even though he has faced many challenges along the way, Majors never stopped working hard toward reaching his goals. He’s been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry for well over 50 years and looks just as stunningly handsome as he did when he was in “The Six Million Dollar Man.”

Early Struggles

Lee Majors (circa 1965), (Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Majors was born as Harvey Lee Yeary on Apr. 23, 1939, in Wyandotte, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. He faced hardships early on and had to quickly learn a lot about the grieving process when both of his parents were killed in separate accidents before he was even two years old. His father died in a work accident before he was born, and his mother died in a car accident around the time he was 16 months old. Majors’ aunt and uncle, Mildred and Harvey Yeary, adopted him when he turned 2, and he moved in with them in their home in Middlesboro, Kentucky.

Majors showed promise early on as he participated in many school activities and was a great student. He played football and ran track at Middlesboro High School before graduating in 1957 with a scholarship to Indiana University. Despite this, Majors decided to switch schools and transferred to Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky, in 1959.

Once again, the up-and-coming athlete was faced with tragedy when he suffered a back injury while playing football that left him completely paralyzed for two weeks, ending his hopes at an athletic career. This injury is what led Majors to look for other hobbies, and he was bit by the acting bug. He began performing in plays at the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville, Kentucky, while still working on his education. He graduated from college in 1962 with a dual degree in history and physical education, with the aspiration that he would one day be a football coach.

From Athlete To Actor

Lee Majors (1976), (Bettmann/Contributor/Getty Images)

It seemed like everything was running smoothly for Majors as he was able to get his athleticism back after recovering from his severe injury. He received an offer to try out for the St. Louis Cardinals football team but turned it down to move to Los Angeles, California. There, Majors was able to work as Recreation Director for the North Hollywood Park and met many influential people in the entertainment industry, such as actors and other industry professionals. Around this time is when Majors adopted his now-infamous stage name as a tribute to Johnny Majors, a player and future coach for the University of Tennessee.

Shortly after, Majors began working as an actor and landed his first role in “Strait-Jacket” in 1964. The role was unfortunately uncredited, but Majors persisted nonetheless. He kept auditioning and working to make acting a full-time gig and picked up a minor role in “Gunsmoke” in 1965 and a part in “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.”

It wasn’t long before Majors finally found his stride and got his big break in the ABC western series “The Big Valley.” The show was an instant hit and helped Majors receive more praise and recognition as an actor. “I did an audition for ‘The Big Valley’ with about 500 other guys, and they narrowed it down so I did a screen test, as did Burt ReynoldsRoy ThinnesDennis Hopper, and then they married it down more,” Majors revealed in a 2015 interview with Den of Geek. “Then I had to do one more, and this time with a girl, a young actress to see if she could play my sister. After this I figured I had the part.”

His Leading Roles

Lee Majors (circa 1967), (Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Majors felt a strong connection to the character as it reminded him of the hardships he had to overcome early on in his childhood. “My real father was killed in the steel mills of Michigan when my mother was eight months pregnant with me; then my mother was killed when I was 16 months old, run over by a drunk driver on her way to work as a cleaning lady in a hospital,” he explained. “This is when I was shipped off to Kentucky, to some distant relatives, who raised me as my mom and dad. This instilled in me the reservation to make something of myself, the perseverance to tackle stuff and stay at it.”

Majors’ career was on fire as the star continued landing more and more jobs. He co-starred in “Will Penny” in 1968 and also played the lead role in “The Ballad of Andy Crocker” in 1969. He had continued working on “The Big Valley” until it was canceled in 1969. When one door closed, another one opened for Majors, and he signed a contract with Universal Studios shortly after his most popular show ended.

More opportunities presented themselves as time went by, and Majors was met with yet another show that would launch his career to new heights. In 1973, the actor was cast as the starring role in “The Six Million Dollar Man” as USAF Colonel Steve Austin, a former astronaut who had bionic implants. It was originally a television movie that aired on ABC, but the network expanded it and turned it into a weekly series the following year.

Continued Success

Lee Majors (circa 1980), (Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

“The Six Million Dollar Man” was extremely successful and received widespread coverage and acclaim, as it reached audiences in over 70 countries. Although Majors had been in the industry for a few years prior to this point, the series was a turning point in his career and made him a pop icon. Majors had a few issues with Universal Television when he tried to renegotiate his contract due to the overwhelming success “The Six Million Dollar Man” brought, but everything eventually worked itself out once the show’s rating began declining, leading to it ultimately being canceled in 1978.

The actor had continued to work leading up to the 1980s when he was once again given the opportunity to star in a long-running television series. In 1981, Majors was given the leading role in “The Fall Guy,” and played the character of Colt Seavers, a Hollywood stuntman who moonlighted as a bounty hunter. The star made his presence more known than ever on the series as he also worked as a producer and director for the show. He even sang the theme song, showing off yet another talent of his. The series was widely successful and ran for five seasons.

Majors made a quick return to his character from “The Six Million Dollar Man” as he and Lindsay Wagner, one of the stars from “The Bionic Woman,” filmed three crossover movies together in the 1980s that highlighted both of their characters. Throughout the 1980s, Majors also starred in “The Last Chase” and “Starflight: The Plane That Couldn’t Land,” and made a cameo in “Scrooged.”

Searching For Love

Farrah Fawcett, Lee Majors (1969), (Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Nothing could stand in the way of Majors reaching the highest level of success and his career easily continued throughout the 1990s and 200s. He took on new projects and was able to show more sides of himself through his work during this time. Majors lent his voice to the 2002 video game “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” and also the animated children’s program “Wapos Bay: The Series.” Along with this, Majors also starred in “Ben 10: Race Against Time” and was even in a music video for “When We Die” by the band Bowling For Soup in 2007. One of his more long-lasting roles came from his part as Coach Ross on the CW’s “The Game,” which ran from 2006 until 2009.

Despite such a hectic schedule and lifestyle, Majors remarkably found time for love. He married Kathy Robinson in 1961 and had one child with her, appropriately named Lee Majors, Jr. His son later became an actor himself and even starred alongside Majors in three of the “Six Million Dollar/Bionic Woman” television movies. Majors and Robinson parted ways after a short marriage and divorced in 1964.

Not letting heartbreak stop him from finding his one true love, Majors continued looking for his match and married Farrah Fawcett on Jul. 28, 1973. Unfortunately, the two were not meant to be together and divorced a few years later, in February 1982. Although their marriage didn’t last, their relationship will live on as it inspired the song “Midnight Train to Georgia.” Even though the songwriter, Jim Weatherly, knew Fawcett and Majors, he used them more as muses for the characters in the classic tune. The song was later recorded by Gladys Knight & The Pips.

Reflecting On A Lifetime In The Spotlight

Farrah Fawcett, Lee Majors, Lee Majors II (1973), (Fotos International/Max Miller/Getty Images)

Seeing if three times is really the charm, Majors married Playboy Playmate Karen Velez in 1988. The couple had one daughter, Nikki, and two sons, Dane and Trey, together before they divorced in 1994.

During an interview with Den of Geek in November 2015, Majors reflected on his early days, his long career, and some of the most critical roles he played over the years. “Sometimes I think fondly of it, then a lot of times I think, ‘Boy, that was a lot of hard work. They ran my butt off,’” Majors said. “I did probably 85% of my own stunt work, and so today I think I’m getting close to a knee replacement, it’s giving me a little trouble.”

Despite the notion that his physical capabilities were not what they once were, Majors was in good spirits as he reminisced on the fact that he starred in many memorable roles back to back. “Back in that day there were at least 18 or 19 western series on the air, and of course, we only had three networks,” Majors explained. “But it was very competitive.”

Despite being an action star and stuntman, Majors was focused on making sure he portrayed family-orientated characters on family-friendly shows. “Most of my shows and the series I did were family oriented,” he said. “Everybody would come and gather round ‘Six Mill,’ anybody could watch the show. The same was true of ‘Fall Guy’ and of ‘Big Valley.’ There wasn’t ever a lot of bloodshed, none of the explosions you have in movies today, the blood and guts and stuff.”

See Lee Majors Today

Lee Majors (1989), (Paul Harris/Getty Images)

Majors’ personal life was reflected in the shows he worked on. “I was raised going to church in Kentucky… that’s just the way we were brought up,” he said. “Had to go to church on Sunday.” From humble beginnings to challenging obstacles to stardom, Majors persisted. He had some rough patches throughout his extremely successful life, but the actor never let anything stop him. Majors had some advice for aspiring actors that showcases his determined mindset and willingness to never give up. “Once you get your foot in the door, don’t let it slam on you,” he said.

Although the roles were usually smaller or just guest appearances, Majors continued to work throughout the late 2000s and throughout the 2010s. He reprised his role as Steve Austin once again, but this time just as a voice actor for the part in a 2009 episode of “Robot Chicken.” Majors picked up a small recurring role in “Raising Hope,” and was featured in three episodes over the course of three years. One of his most recent jobs was as the voice of Jeff Tracy in “Thunderbirds Are Go” in 2019.

Majors was seen as an action hero and was loved by many due to his charming looks, undeniable talents, and kindness. The actor, now 82, looks just as amazing as ever and is still a household name. He is currently married to actress and model Faith Cross, as the two tied the knot on Nov. 1, 2002, and have been happily married ever since. Majors has done it all and has stayed true to himself along the way while still capturing the hearts of many even as his career has slowed down.

Lee Majors (2016), (Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

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Man asks for 104 birthday wishes for his dad turning 104, and is flooded with thousands of messages

Not everyone gets to turn 104, and when you do, you hope to have done enough good to have people celebrate your life. Gerald was certainly one of them and he was celebrated more than he could have ever imagined. It all started when his son, Kevin Mills, reached out to Twitter and

announced that his father was turning 104 and asked if people could send him wishes. Mills also shared an adorable image of his father. “This is my dad, Gerald. He turns 104 on 12 July,” tweeted Mills. “Any chance I can muster 104 happy birthdays from Twitter? He’ll be amazed and baffled in equal measure.” The simple birthday wish turned into an adorable thread of people sharing images and birthdays of people they loved, with a majority of them featuring aged grandparents.


Happy extended family blowing out candles on birthday cake on a garden party – stock photo/Getty Images


The tweet was flooded with replies and the centenarian received many more than 104 birthday wishes. The tweet garnered more than 423,000 likes. Adam Hill posted a picture of his young daughter and said he hoped she would live as long as him, and wished him as well. “Happy Birthday Gerald. This is my daughter Flora who was born 12 weeks premature and has just come home to us at three months old. Hope she makes it to 104 too,” read the tweet. Some shared images of their elderly relatives while wishing him. Joanna shared an image of her 101-year-old grandmother and wrote, “Happy birthday Gerald! My nan, Bridget, shares a birthday with your dad and she’ll be 101 this year! Hats off and many, many happy returns to these two very special centenarians and all the others on here!”  Another person shared an image of their baby granddaughter and wrote, “Cheers Gerald! My birthday is also July 12th, a toast to us! My new granddaughter thinks the secret to long life is being extra cute but I think you already know that by looking at your pic!”


“Star Wars” legend Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the series, wrote “For Gerald” and shared an emoji of a cake. Even Stephen Fry, the English actor and comedian, got in on the act, writing, “Happy birthday Gerald! xx” Another person shared a picture with his grandmother and her sister while wishing Gerald. “Can we get 105 likes for my 105-year-old grandma Mary on the left and 104 likes for her 104-year-old sister Tina in the middle? This is from my visit today with them where they each both live in their own houses on their own.”

The simple tweet turned into a campaign and even made it to the radio. “Happy Birthday Gerald from 94.5 KHI in Ocean City, MD,” read a tweet, before linking a video of the host talking about it on the radio. Sharon Steed shared an image of her late dad sitting on the sofa next to an adorable dog. “Happy birthday, Gerald!! My dad made it to 86 (this is him before he passed this past Christmas with my dog, Washington); he probably would have talked your ear off and eaten all the cake with you today!”

One person even went to the extent of sharing the newspaper from Gerald’s birthday.


Young Policeman Spends Night in Cold Basement with Old Lady, & Next Day Leaves Service Forever – Story of the Day

25-year-old Steve was sick of his monotonous routine as a police officer. During his patrol duty, he encountered someone who turned his life around.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. The aromas of pies kept on the windowsills of houses down the lane for cooling weren’t helping. Braving through the urge to take a nap, Steve drove through the suburb during his patrol duty.

This was the third week Steve was sent to patrol what the other officers called the “Gray Sector.’ It was one of the oldest residential areas in the district and the significant population comprised of retirees.

It was once a thriving town. It boasted wide roads, big houses, ample parks, and community centers. Living in this town was the culmination of the American dream.

But ever since the local car factory shut down, it was a road downhill. The youngsters would move out to different cities for work. But the older generation held on to their homes, hoping the glory of the good old days would somehow return. It never did!

Now, the town was predominantly older citizens living in mansion-like homes. They would wait for the holidays when their children and grandchildren would come to visit.

Steve was frustrated with his dull routine, especially when his partner left for a mandatory training program last week. The department didn’t even replace his partner with another officer. They believed that Steve alone could handle the patroling since the sector was a low-risk area.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

There were things he absolutely loved about his job and things that annoyed him to bits.

Steve loved that his job enabled him to help people. The 25-year-old was blessed with unmatched physical capabilities and was one of the academy’s top students.

But he was frustrated with the bureaucracy in his line of work. Nobody ever asked him, but Steve secretly wanted to explore his entrepreneurial side. But no one, including Steve’s businessman father, supported that idea.

Steve had a falling-out with his father when he refused to take over the old family business.

“Dad! I do not want to run your paper factory all my life. I want to go out there and use my abilities to help people.”

Steve remembered his final altercation with his father.

“Help people, eh?” Steve’s father said with a smirk. “As a security guard? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard.”

“You do not understand, dad! I don’t just want to be a security guard. I want to run a firm that will provide quality security. But I have to lead by example. You see, in the private sector—”

“Now you are going to explain to me how to run a business? Don’t you see how much I’ve sacrificed to build the business? And you just want to walk away from it?”

“It’s not like that, Dad! I simply cannot sit in front of a desk and make spreadsheets. My life is out there.”

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

Steve jolted as he had almost fallen asleep while driving. He was shocked. ‘This can’t be happening. What if I caused an accident!’

Luckily, Steve was driving slower than 20 miles an hour. Things in the “Gray Sector” did slow down by a lot. There wasn’t a soul on the road, and most of the senior citizens were asleep in their homes after a hearty lunch.

Steve decided to stop his car and get out for some fresh air. He was wondering at the cruel joke life played with him. He was stuck in his job, had no money to start his business, and his father, the only person he could think of asking for help, had disowned him.

While Steve was wallowing in self-pity, his mind was interrupted by a faint voice from a distance. He looked around, trying to spot the source.

“Help! Help me!” a sound came from the direction of one of the houses.

Instinctively, Steve grabbed his walkie-talkie from the car and rushed toward the house. The voice got louder and more precise. As he reached close to the home, he realized that the sound was coming from the basement.

Steve realized that the door to the basement was open. He ran down and noticed that it was waterlogged. He carefully went downstairs and saw an old lady holding a broken pipe that caused the waterlogging.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

The lady tried her best to stop the leak with a bunch of towels, but she repeatedly failed as the water pressure was too high. Steve rushed, took the pipe from her hand, and tried to put it in its place.

Steve’s strength overpowered the water pressure, and the erratic waterlogging stopped immediately. But it didn’t prevent the leakage.

“Hi, ma’am. I’m Steve. I’m a cop.”

“I realized that, young man. The uniform gave it away.”

Steve chuckled and gestured to the lady to pass him the towels. He used it to temporarily stop the leakage.

“The pipes look old, ma’am. They need to be replaced.”

“I know, son. I heard the leak and came downstairs. I called the local plumber, but he’s out of town due to a family emergency and will only return next week. I just wanted to get it fixed and be gone.”

“I don’t think I understand, ma’am.”

“Oh, enough with the “ma’am” already! Call me Judy. And you’ve already been of great help. I don’t want to waste your time. Go, rescue a kitten from a tree or something.”

Steve chuckled and said, “It’s no trouble, ma’am— I mean, Judy!” Steve corrected himself swiftly. “And the towel-fix is only temporary. You know this pipe will burst any minute now, right?” he explained.

“Oh, dear!” Judy exclaimed, worried.

“You know what, Judy!” Steve said with a soothing yet excited tone. “Today is your lucky day. I know a bit about plumbing. I redid the plumbing at my place when I moved into this town. How about I take a look at what’s in that tool rack there and see how we can fix this pipe.”

“You don’t have to do that, young man,” Judy said.

“I insist, Judy. And according to state and federal law, you cannot refuse plumbing help from a police officer,” Steve joked as he cut the water supply to the specific pipeline.

Judy was charmed and felt immense gratitude toward Steve.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

For the next few hours, Steve worked to find a proper solution to fix the situation. The task was painstaking, but Judy and Steve were great at conversation.

“So what was the thing you said about being gone?” Steve asked as he tried to remove the bolts of the damaged pipe.

“Well, since Roger passed away, living in this big house all by myself has been difficult. We never wanted to have had any children, so it’s not like I need to pass the house down the lineage either.

“So, I’ve decided to give away this place and move to an assisted living facility. You know, it is not as bad as they make it sound in those TV shows. I have a few friends there, and they tempted me to join them.”

“Why not sell the place and use it for something you want? You must have dreams you’d like to fulfill,” Steve inquired.

Judy laughed and said, “At my age? Haha. Also, I lived a full life. Roger provided everything I wished for. We traveled. We even ran a successful online business, you know?

“I’ve lived, Steve. I’ve lived doubt-free and have absolutely no regrets.”

Their conversation was interrupted by the ding of the oven.

“Alright! Take a break. Looks like the chicken pot pie is ready. Come upstairs and have something before you muscle away some more,” Judy instructed Steve.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

As the duo enjoyed the scrumptious meal, Judy asked Steve about him. Steve shared how his father took him off his will, passed away, and gave away all his wealth to charity.

He shared how he entered the police force with a lot of confidence and how it was deteriorating with every passing day. He felt his dream of starting a security company with competent manpower was dying slowly.

Judy asked him about his business idea. She was amazed at the passion Steve had for his future company. But at the same time, she felt for him when Steve went silent mid-thought, doubting his ideas.

“Chin up, soldier! Don’t you dare give up on your dreams. You deserve a shot at happiness. And I have a feeling that it is about to show up. You’ll see,” she consoled.

After dinner, Steve finished fixing the pipe. Judy thanked Steve and asked him to write down his address for her. “But you don’t need to pay me back in any way!” Steve assured her.

“Of course not. But what if I wanted to come visit?” Judy asked, without revealing the real reason behind needing the address.

The following morning, Steve received a courier at his doorstep. The envelope seemed to hold some documents. It had a letter in it that read:

Dear Steve,

As I shared, Roger and I never wanted to have kids. But I would be lying if I said I never wondered what it would be like to have a family. Yesterday, I made a friend in you. But you gave me a glimpse into what it felt like to know someone at a deeper level.

Now, don’t get mopey about it. I’m not saying you are the son I never had or anything. But yesterday, you did help me visualize my curiosity about having a child or even a grandchild. In fact, you even reminded me of the times I’d banter with Roger.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

All I’m saying is, you engaged me in a beautiful human experience, and I’m forever grateful. And as I told you yesterday, you deserve a shot at happiness.

I’m transferring the house to you right away. And I’ve nominated you as the heir to my wealth and estate.

Just promise me one thing. You will never doubt yourself.

Steve was stunned by the letter. And the documents checked out. He visited Judy at the assisted living facility and agreed to start his own company.

He sold the house and used the money to hire a few security personnel. He worked hard to find clients who were impressed with Steve, given his record and professionalism.

Steve’s dream had finally come to reality. His security company became renowned nationwide. He still visited Judy every week and cared for her until she breathed her last.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Never give up on your dreams. Although his job was a significant roadblock, Steve held on to the sliver of hope that his company would be a reality. All he needed was some luck, and Judy made that possible for him.
  • An act of kindness may cost nothing, but it could change everything. If Steve didn’t help Judy, she would not have been able to start a new chapter of her life at the assisted living facility. If Judy didn’t help Steve, he would not have been able to fulfill his dream. With their kindness, they changed each other’s lives.

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Destitute Brothers Offer assistance Debilitated Ancient Man with His Cultivate for A long time, Inadvertently Discover Stash in Stock of Roughage

Jamie and Max were playful boys being raised by their grandmother, but one day, they decided to help their older neighbor, Mr. Coleman, with his farm. This went on for years until one day when they discovered a strange stash in the barn, and it changed their lives forever.

“Boys! Please, be careful! You don’t want Mr. Coleman to scold you, do you?” Grandma Adele warned her grandsons, Jamie and Max, who started running around Mr. Coleman’s terrain as soon as they arrived. They lived right next door to the older man’s farmhouse, and Adele had to give him some of his mail which had been wrongly delivered to her house.

“Yes, Grandma!” they said in unison, and Adele could only shake her head at them. Mr. Coleman answered the door carefully while maneuvering his wheelchair, but he had a smile on his face.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

“Good morning, Adele. What’s going on?” he asked, looking toward the kids.

“Oh, Mr. Coleman. Your mail was delivered to my house. I would’ve called, but I was outside and decided to pop by. Although the boys had to come with me, and now, they’re running around all over your farm. I’m so sorry,” she explained, wiping her forehead from the rare Missouri heat.

“Don’t worry about it, Adele. They can come here whenever they want, as long as they don’t damage anything or get injured,” the older man assured with a smile. “You know… I don’t have any children or grandchildren. It’s nice seeing the kids running around.”

“I’m glad you don’t mind because my house is small, and I don’t have much entertainment or things to distract them with. I wish I had more to offer, but when their parents died – my dear daughter – well, I had to step up, which is not easy with just my pension,” Adele continued, oversharing a little.

“I understand. It must be hard. Just like it’s so hard for me to keep up with the farm. I’ve hired some help, but it’s not enough. It never seems to be, and young people nowadays don’t want to work on the farm,” Mr. Coleman added.

Neither of them realized that the kids had approached them and had overheard their conversation. The eldest, Jamie, interrupted them. “You need help with the farm? Can we help?”

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

“YEAH!” his little brother exclaimed, raising his hands in delight.

“Oh, kids. Mr. Coleman needs adult help. You are too little for that still,” Adele interjected so that Mr. Coleman would have to reject her grandkids’ offer. But then she looked at her neighbor who scratched his chin with a pensive look. He spoke up when he met her eyes.

“You know, Adele. I could actually use some help from the boys. I need them to go into the chicken barn and gather all the eggs. How does that sound?” he offered, and Adele raised her eyebrows at the boys, waiting for their reaction.

“Chickens?” Jamie asked, scared. But his little brother got excited, said yes, and jumped around, so Jamie also nodded his head.

“Ok, let’s go, and I’ll teach you what to do,” Mr. Coleman said and started rolling his wheelchair towards the chicken barn. Adele followed with a smile. Working and helping their neighbor might be an excellent idea for her grandsons. They were curious, playful, and sometimes naughty. A little discipline couldn’t hurt.

It took a while due to the wheelchair, but they reached the coop, and Mr. Coleman explained exactly what they would need to do. He also offered to pay them a few cents daily, but the boys surprised their grandmother.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

“No, no. We don’t need money. We just want to help out and play around the farm. Is that ok?” Jamie said, and his little brother nodded in agreement.

Mr. Coleman pursed his lips but agreed immediately. The boys could have free access to his entire land if they helped retrieve the eggs.

From that day forward, the boys gathered the eggs daily, after which they would run around the farm and sometimes get into trouble. But it was never anything too bad. Mr. Coleman was incredibly patient and loved having their youthful energy around.

The boys grew up, and the older man once again offered them some money, thinking they could use it. But once again, the boys rejected the offer. He tried again after a few more years, and they still refused for some unfathomable reason Mr. Coleman couldn’t understand. Every time they rejected his offer, he returned to his house and cried at how kind they were becoming.

By their teens, they weren’t just retrieving eggs. They started tending to the land, walking the horses, and learning how to use heavy machinery from Mr. Coleman’s few employees, and they seemed to love the work. His farm started to thrive because of them.

When Jamie graduated high school, he started taking business classes at the local community college, but he spent most of the time at the farm. Max did the same. He had a part-time job at a local ice cream shop, but he shadowed his brother at the farm.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For years, Adele also came over often, and they all ate dinner together most of the time. They were Mr. Coleman’s family, and he thought about ways to thank them for the help and love he had received for so long.


“Hey, Jamie, Max. Can you get me the morning eggs? I want to make you guys an omelet,” Mr. Coleman told them one morning.

“I brought a bunch yesterday, but sure,” 17-year-old Max commented but nodded his head and started walking towards the farm.

“Wait for me,” Jamie said and followed him.

“Do you remember the first time we came here?” Max asked his big brother as soon as they walked into the chicken barn.

Jamie laughed heartily. “Oh, yeah. I think the chickens were so nice that day because Mr. Coleman was there. But the next time, it was horrible! We got beaked way too many times,” he replied and started searching for eggs.

But neither of them could find any eggs. “What’s going on? It’s like none of them laid eggs last night. That’s odd. Could they be sick?” Max wondered.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

“Keep looking,” Jamie insisted, pretending not to be worried. But he was. This was an oddity. These chickens were crazy healthy, and this farm earned a big chunk of money selling their eggs, which made this situation odd.

They got to the last chicken in the coop, and again, there were no eggs. However, Jamie frowned at something hidden beneath the chicken’s hay. “What’s this?” he asked.

“What’s what? Oh, what is that? A secret stash?” Max guessed, coming over to see what his big brother was holding.

“Maybe… but it’s an envelope. Who would leave this here?” Jamie questioned and opened the envelope.

“Should you be doing that? Let’s take it to Mr. Coleman. Maybe that’s his,” Max suggested.

“Let’s take a peek,” Jamie insisted, his naughty side surfacing and making Max laugh. They had matured over the years but were still pretty playful. “Oh my god!”

“What? What is it?” Max asked, his curiosity evident now.

“It’s a… it’s like a contract. It states that the farm is ours when Mr. Coleman dies. This can’t be real,” Jamie breathed.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

“Let me see,” Max demanded, taking the papers from his brother’s hand. “You’re right! Is this real?”

“Yes, it is.” They both turned and saw Mr. Coleman at the entrance of the chicken barn, sitting calmly in his wheelchair.

The boys looked at each other in shock and approached the older man quickly. “What do you mean, sir?” Jamie asked.

“It’s real. When I die, you guys will inherit this farm. For years, you two helped me without payment. I know that at first, it was because you wanted to play here and get in all sorts of trouble. But you two grew up quickly. You worked hard. Most importantly, you became my family. Adele too. I want you to have this.”

“Are you sure?” Max wondered, shocked.

“This is a lot, and we didn’t do it for money or anything like that,” Jamie added, thinking Mr. Coleman might have felt pressured to give them something in return.

“I know that very well, boys. And I am 100% sure. This is your farm as soon as I’m gone,” Mr. Coleman assured them, and both boys ran to him, giving him the tightest hug any of them had ever gotten.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

They told Adele later that night, and she cried heavily. “I can’t thank you enough, Mr. Coleman. I know my grandsons turned out so well because they learned so much here. And now, this gift… it’s more than I ever imagined.” She gave the older man a warm hug.

A few years later, Jamie took the lead in managing the farm as he knew about business. Meanwhile, Max learned and applied new agricultural methods on the farm which prospered. Soon, Mr. Coleman got sick, and on his deathbed, he thanked the boys for everything they did.

“You two gave me a family and a way to keep my legacy going,” were the last words they heard from the old man. During his funeral, both boys pledged to maintain his legacy for as long as they could. And Adele… she was the proudest grandmother in the world.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Helping others out can change your life in many ways. Jamie and Max decided to help their older neighbor with the farm, asking for nothing in return. But their actions were repaid in full many years later.
  • Boys need some form of discipline to thrive and become great men. Working on the farm helped turn Jamie and Max into great, responsible men, even if their naughty and playful side would always remain.

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2 Men Try Carjacking ‘Helpless’ Florida Woman, Pay The Price

A Clearwater, Florida, woman sh000t two th…. attempting to st…. her car — resulting in the of one of the suspects and a second-degree charge for the other.

The two carjackers, 17 year old Jernalen Dreshaw Coleman and 18-year-old Lasupta Singletary, planned to meet with Louise Ornduff and her son Kalaeb in a Bank of America parking lot to discuss the sale of a Nissan Rogue. When they arrived, the suspects were a…. and demanded the keys to the car that Kalaeb was driving.

The suspects then drove away in the s….tolen car, prompting Ornduff to fire a s….hot at them with her own w….. She struck Singletary, and Coleman drove to a nearby hospital. It was there that the 18-year-old was pronounced d…., WFTS reported.

Police intitially stated that they would be investigating the i…. to figure out the circumstances that led to the teen’s .

Coleman, who along wth Singletary had a prior c… history, was charged with second-degree felony and a….. The charge was due to the fact that he was committing a felony while Singletary was k……

“Based on their history, which you can see before you, and the fact they were engaged in an a…, leads something to…to their character I would say,” Clearwater PD Deputy Chief Eric Gandy told WFTS.

Many readers applauded the outcome of the case and the mother for doing what she needed to do in the situation.

“She was right in what she did and had to, I would have done the same thing had i been in her shoes and the police and courts should back her up and not take the defense of these c//…., help the police clean up the streets against c….,” one reader commented on Facebook.

“Everyone knows that the relatives of those two will say that they were good boys. They will probably say that they needed to st3@l the car to sell it to afford to live. Just wait until the b.s. starts people. I personally think that they both got what they deserved. Too bad for them,” another wrote.

“People are tired of of working hard and getting r.. by punks. If I were these punks I’d get a job you live longer. Alot of honest citizens are ready to shoot back including me,” another added.

Robert De Niro Works to ‘Death’ at 79 to Support Ex’s ‘Thirst’ after Stopping Her from Getting $250M Wealth

Robert De Niro fell in love with his second wife and married her a decade later. De Niro filed for divorce only to reconcile with his spouse, but the rekindled relationship did not last. Instead, it ended in a bitter divorce battle.

Acclaimed actor Robert De Niro first met his future wife, Grace Hightower, in 1987 at a London nightclub. However, sparks did not fly only until ten years later.

During the period they crossed paths, De Niro was still married to his first wife, Diahnne Abbott, whom he wed in 1976. The pair welcomed two children within their union, a daughter named Drena and a son called Raphael. Abbott and De Niro divorced in 1988.

After dating several women following his divorce, De Niro pursued Hightower, and their romance blossomed. The couple tied the knot at their home in Marbletown, New York, in June 1997.

Only eleven guests witnessed the pair exchange their wedding vows in an intimate ceremonial affair with the producer’s friends Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel in attendance. That fall, news broke that the newlyweds were expecting their first child together. Their son Elliot was born in March 1998.

In March 2016, De Niro revealed that his son had autism. He noted that it was imperative to be open about such societal issues in a media statement:

“Grace and I have a child with autism, and we believe it is critical that all of the issues surrounding the causes of autism should be openly discussed and examined.”

A year after the birth of their son, the two-time Academy Award winner filed for divorce from Hightower in August 1999. After that, a pal of his disclosed that he neglected his marriage:

“Bobby was just not working hard enough at his marriage to Grace.”


The former couple continued with their lives separately and peacefully. They co-parented their son and spent time together with him like a united family. However, that only lasted for a year.

When the duo joined musician Marc Anthony, his then-wife Dayanara Torres, and the couple’s son on a cruise in June 2001, along with their child Elliot, trouble ensued. Hightower stepped belowdecks and discovered her then estranged husband with another woman.

Later, an insider clarified that the unidentified woman was merely assisting De Niro by closing the door to the bathroom. However, Hightower was confident that there was more to it.

She tried to humiliate him by going back up to announce what she had seen, which, according to her spokesman, R Couri Hay, was De Niro’s “frozen look on his face” and the woman who allegedly appeared to pull her “blouse closed.”

When Hightower came up, De Niro followed her, and she started getting physical with him. She later left the yacht with their son.

In September 2001, the on-again and off-again couple went head-to-head at the New York State supreme court in a custody battle over their child, including allegations of violence and alcohol abuse, via People.

De Niro also accused the former flight attendant of physical harm. In response to the filing, Hightower alleged that the New York native abused drugs and alcohol and suggested it may not be a good idea to leave him alone with their son. Hence she pushed for him not to receive unsupervised visits with Elliot after he filed.

In a twisted turn of events, the pair decided to put a stop to the divorce. Subsequently, Hightower and the Golden Globe Award winner renewed their vows in November 2004.

They held their ceremony at De Niro’s Ulster County farm with guests including some of Hollywood’s A-listers, Meryl Streep, and Ben Stiller, among others.

At De Niro’s request, two judges officiated the star-studded ceremony. According to “The Godfather” star, he wanted to ensure that “they can make sure this one sticks.”

The affair took place around a pool, and the bride and groom lit candles and exchanged wedding rings. The guests later moved to a tent where they toasted champagne and feasted on dishes from De Niro’s Nobu restaurant.

In 2011, the couple celebrated more exciting news as they welcomed their second child and only daughter, Helen, via surrogate. De Niro gushed about his baby girl in 2013 in an interview with CBS News:

“She’s so adorable. You just look at her and it’s all there. Nothing else matters.”


Still, things went downhill years later when he filed for divorce for the second time in November 2018, after more than twenty years of matrimony.

De Niro released a statement confirming the divorce and shared that although he and Hightower share “two beautiful” kids together, they were on different paths in their lives:

“We are entering a period of transition in our relationship, which is a difficult but constructive process. I honor Grace as a wonderful mother and ask for privacy and respect from all as we proceed to develop our roles as partners in parenting.”

In January 2019, Page Six reported that the estranged couple was once again pursuing a legal custody battle over their then-seven-year-old daughter secretly.

The intention was to protect their brood through the back and forth in court; hence they opted for a coveted “Anonymous vs. Anonymous” caption on the case. According to the 2006 appeals court ruling, this option should be used “sparingly” to protect the “health and wellbeing” of children.

The “GoodFellas” star wanted to primarily resolve the situation with the kids because he is an excellent doting father of two.

Moreover, besides the custody showdown, the pair butted heads in court because of finances. Amid their legal fights, Hightower began to splurge more and more of De Niro’s money.

His attorney, Caroline Krauss, revealed that the philanthropist’s spending habits were out of control and heavily affected De Niro’s wealth, which she claims is $500 million.

In 2019 alone, Hightower reportedly spent $1.67 million, and with most of the money, she purchased a $1.2 million diamond from high-end New York jewelers.

As a result of her misuse of money, De Niro’s finances became crippled, and he was forced to work until his “death” to keep up with her lavish lifestyle. He is already nearly 80 years old.

Per Page Six, Krause said Hightower’s expensive taste includes her “thirst for Stella McCartney” and $1 million plus diamond rings. Meanwhile, her estranged husband reportedly owes millions in taxes. According to a 2015 report, De Niro owes roughly $6.4 million.

At the same time, he does not want his family to move out of their marital home in Manhattan. As per the prenup, it calls the pair to sell their $20 million apartment so that they could split the profits and allow him to purchase a less expensive home for Hightower and the kids.

Meanwhile, Krause argued in a virtual divorce hearing that if Hightower expects De Niro to keep working till his passing, if his health declines and he dies, her spending spree would come to an end:

“He could get sick tomorrow, and the party’s over.”


Fortunately for De Niro, he prevented Hightower from receiving half his fortune. $250 million, an appeals court ruled in October 2021.

The actress argued in a 2004 prenuptial agreement that she was entitled to half of the “Taxi Driver” star’s wealth from when they were still married. Hightower claimed that De Niro’s assets were supposed to be split evenly.

However, she lost the battle as the Appellate Division ruled against her favor and stated that the Hollywood veteran owed her nothing:

“The husband’s income earned during the marriage and other business assets acquired during that time are his separate property.”

In February 2021, a Manhattan Supreme Court judge Matthew Cooper, made a similar judgment, writing that the former couple’s prenup states that whatever money De Niro made during their union from different sources was a part of his separate income.

Reports revealed that Hightower spent $215,000 monthly on credit cards and $160,000 in cash. Krauss claimed those spending habits made De Niro run out of money. Money that she claimed was “marital assets” for them both per their agreement, but the court rejected her argument.

Amid his rollercoaster ride with Hightower, who still happens to be his legal wife, De Niro still gets time to spend with his daughter. In July 2022, the father and daughter were spotted out and about on New York City’s Upper East Side. According to the Daily Mail, it is a regular occurrence for them to be seen in public together.

Meanwhile, “The Irishman” star has also started seeing someone else. He reportedly has a rumored girlfriend named Tiffany Chen, with whom he has been spotted in public several times. In July 2022, the said couple was pictured on a beach trip in Formentera, Spain.

The pair were photographed barefoot and aboard a boat. Notably, De Niro and the martial arts trainer have been spotted being affectionate in public but are yet to confirm or dismiss their romantic relations.

Yıllık dış ticaret açığı 17 ayın en düşük seviyesinde

Yıllık dış ticaret açığı, 61,6 milyar dolara gerileyerek 17 ayın en düşük seviyesini gördü.

Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu (TÜİK) ile Ticaret Bakanlığı tarafından oluşturulan kasım ayı ve ocak-kasım dönemine ilişkin geçici dış ticaret istatistikleri açıklandı.

Buna göre, kasımda dış ticaret açığı yüzde 89,8 azalışla 651 milyon dolara geriledi. 6 aydır üst üste azalarak 61,6 milyar dolara inen yıllık dış ticaret açığı, 17 ayın en düşük seviyesini gördü. Yıllık dış ticaret açığı, ekim ayında 67,2 milyar dolar seviyesinde gerçekleşmişti.

Ekonomistler, ödemeler dengesinin kasım ayında cari fazla vereceği, yıllık bazda da cari açığın azalacağı öngörüsünde bulundu. Ilımlı petrol fiyatlarının dış dengeyi olumlu etkileyeceğini ifade eden ekonomistler, petrol fiyatlarında son dönemde yaşanan sert düşüş sonrası ılımlı seyrin korunması halinde enerji ithalatının dış dengedeki iyileşmeye katkı sağlayacağını kaydetti.

Halk Yatırım Araştırma Direktörü Banu Kıvci Tokalı, AA muhabirine yaptığı açıklamada, yıllık dış ticaret açığının son 17 ayın en düşük seviyesinde gerçekleştiğini, böylece yıllık dış ticaret açığının büyümedeki yavaşlama eşliğinde ithalatta devam eden yıllık azalış ve altın dengesindeki iyileşmenin sürmesiyle ekim ayı sonundaki 67,2 milyar dolar seviyesinden 61,6 milyar dolar seviyesine gerilediğini söyledi.

Tokalı, şunları kaydetti:

“Kasım ayı cari işlemler dengesine ilişkin ilk tahminimiz ise 1 milyar dolarlık fazla verebileceği ve yıllık açığın ekim ayındaki 39,4 milyar dolar seviyesinden 34 milyar dolar seviyesi altına inebileceği yönünde. Yıllık dış ticaret açığının ise büyüme hızında yavaşlama, altın ithalatında normalleşme, enerji fiyatlarının ılımlı seyri ve kurdaki değer kaybının gecikmeli etkileri ile baz etkisine de bağlı olarak, düşüş trendini sürdürerek yılı 56,5 milyar dolar seviyesinde bitireceğini tahmin ediyoruz. Gelecek yılın ikinci ve üçüncü çeyreklerinde yıllık açığın 45-50 milyar dolar bandına kadar inebileceğini tahmin etmekle birlikte büyümede yeniden dengelenmenin belirginleşmesiyle yıllık dış ticaret açığının 2019 sonunda tekrar 55-60 milyar dolar bandına yükselebileceğini öngörüyoruz.”

Altın ticaretinin, dış ticaret açığındaki iyileşmeye destek olmaya devam ettiğini bildiren Tokalı, ılımlı petrol fiyatlarının devamının dış dengedeki iyileşmeye katkı sağlayacağı öngörüsünde bulundu.

Altın ve enerji hariç dış açıktaki azalmanın güçlenerek devam ettiğini vurgulayan Tokalı, ihracatın ithalatı karşılama oranının yüzde 96 seviyesinde gerçekleştiğini kaydetti.

“İthalat ile ihracat arasındaki fark kayda değer şekilde kapandı”
GCM Menkul Araştırma Uzmanı Enver Erkan da kasım ayı nihai dış ticaret rakamlarının, ay başında Ticaret Bakanlığı tarafından açıklanan öncü verilerle uyumlu olduğunu ifade etti.

Son birkaç ayda olduğu gibi ihracatın artış trendini koruduğunu, ithalattaki daralmanın benzer şekilde son aylarda olduğu gibi devam ettiğini belirten Erkan, “Gerçekleşen son rakamlarla beraber ithalat ile ihracat arasındaki fark da kayda değer şekilde kapanmış görünmekte. Buna bağlı olarak dış ticaret açığı da elbette geçen yıla göre sert bir gerileme göstermektedir.” diye konuştu.

Dış ticaret açığındaki azalmanın sevindirici olduğunu ancak bu rakamların ekonominin yavaşladığı bir dönemde gerçekleştiğinin de unutulmaması gerektiğini kaydeden Erkan, şu değerlendirmelerde bulundu:

“İthalat kalemlerinde ara malı ithalatının daralmakta olması, ekonomideki yavaşlamayla da ilintili bir görüntü oluşturuyor. Büyümenin arttığı dönemlerde de dış ticaret açığındaki azalmayı koruyabilmek ve ithal ikamesi sağlayarak ithalatı azaltabilmek önemli. Dış ticaret açığındaki azalma ödemeler dengesini de etkiliyor. Bu bakımdan ödemeler dengesindeki fazla görüntüsünün devam etmesini bekleriz. Bu trend, 2019’un ilk çeyreği için de devam edebilir. Kasım ayında da cari fazla açıklanmasını, yıllık cari açığın ise 30 milyar dolar gibi geçen senelere göre çok düşük seviyede gerçekleşmesini öngörüyoruz.”

“Petrol fiyatlarının seyri bizi olumlu etkilemeye devam edecek”
İntegral Yatırım Araştırma Uzmanı Seda Yalçınkaya Özer ise petrol fiyatlarında yaşanan düşüşle birlikte enerji maliyetlerinin azaldığına işaret ederek, “Muhtemelen önümüzdeki günlerde de petrol fiyatlarının seyri bizi olumlu etkilemeye devam edecektir. Ekonomideki yavaşlama ve kurda yaşanan dengelenme makroekonomik verilerde stabil bir seyir izlenmesini destekliyor. Kasım ayı dış ticaret rakamı ile birlikte hesaplamamıza göre, cari açıkta yılı 30 milyar doların altında kapatacağız gibi görünüyor.” ifadelerini kullandı.

Bakan açıkladı! Yeni indirimler gelebilir

Elektrik ve doğalgazda yapılan yüzde 10’luk indirimin gelecek kur ve petrol fiyatlarındaki projeksiyonlara göre yapıldığını söyleyen Enerji Bakanı Fatih Dönmez, “6 ay sonra fiyatlar böyle giderse indirimler sürer” dedi.

Elektrik ve doğalgazdaki indirimin gelecek yılki döviz kuru ve petrol fiyatlarındaki projeksiyonlara göre oluştuğunu söyleyen Enerji ve Tabii Kaynaklar Bakanı Fatih Dönmez, “6 ay sonra bu fiyatlar böyle giderse doğalgaz fiyatlarına indirim yönünde yansıyabilir diyebiliriz. Burada gazın kendi cinsinden fiyatını konuşuyoruz, ama elektrikte ve doğalgaz tarafında ayrıca dağıtım giderleri, diğer yatırımlar ve işletme giderleri var” dedi. Türkiye’de hane başı gaz tüketiminin ortalama bin metreküp, konut abone sayısının da 15 milyon olduğunu belirten Dönmez, doğalgaz fiyatları tespit edilirken petrole bağımlı bir formül uygulandığını vurgulayarak, “Son 6-9 aydaki petrol fiyatlarının ortalaması formülün içerisinde önemli bir ağırlık. Bugün, petrol fiyatları değiştiğinde en geç bir hafta içerisinde akaryakıt pompalarına yansıyor. Doğalgaz fiyatlarına yansıması 6-7 ayı buluyor, elektrik fiyatlarına yansıması da artı bir ay sonrayı buluyor, böyle zincirleme bir etkisi var. Yani fiyatların değişimini pompada bir hafta sonra görüyorsunuz, doğalgaz fiyatlarında 6-7 ay sonra etkisini görüyorsunuz, doğalgaz fiyatlarına gelen fiyat değişimi de elektrik santralleri üzerinden elektrik piyasasını domine ediyor, orada da 1 aylık bir etkisi var, çünkü orada bir enerji borsası var” diye konuştu.


Bakan Dönmez, son dönemde vatandaşların en çok tartıştığı elektrik faturalarındaki fahiş dağıtım bedelleriyle ilgili olarak da önemli açıklamalarda bulundu. Elektrik faturalarındaki dağıtım bedeli payının Türkiye’de Avrupa’dan daha düşük olduğuna dikkat çeken Dönmez, “Bizde ortalama yüzde 29, Avrupa’da ise yüzde 35… Hatta yüzde 45-50 olan ülkeler de var” dedi. Dönmez, vatandaşların faturadaki dağıtım giderini “faturayı dağıtma veya sayacı okuma bedeli” gibi düşündüğünü söyleyerek, şöyle konuştu: “İşin aslı öyle değil. Bu dağıtım gideri hem iletimdeki giderleri kapsıyor, hem dağıtım faaliyetlerini, hem de yatırım-işletme giderlerini kapsıyor. Düşünün, toplam 1 milyon 200 bin kilometrelik bir şebeke ağı var. Bunun işletmesinden ve yapımından gelen bir maliyet var. Şebeke gittikçe yaşlandı, şehirlerde nüfus arttı. Elektrik dağıtım şirketlerinin yaptığı yatırımlar kamu dönemindekine göre reel olarak 2-2.5 kat artmış durumda. Dolayısıyla orada yazılan bedel buralara harcanıyor.” Dönmez, kayıp-kaçakta Türkiye ortalamasının yüzde 14’e düştüğünün altını çizdi.


Şu anda doğalgazın 81 il, 474 ilçeye ulaştığını belirten Enerji Bakanı Dönmez, “2000’li yıllarda 6 il, 51 ilçede doğalgaz vardı. Şu anda 50 milyon kişi doğalgaz kullanıyor, bu da nüfusun yüzde 62’si. Henüz dönüşüm yapmamış, abone olmamışları da katarsak, aşağı yukarı 60 milyon kişinin doğalgaza erişim imkanı var. Onlarla birlikte, nüfusun yüzde 70’inin doğalgazı kullandığını ya da erişme imkanı olduğunu söyleyebiliriz. Hedefimiz, 2023’te 600 ilçeye doğalgaz vermek” dedi. Dönmez, Türkiye’nin penetrasyon oranında Avrupa genelinde ilk üçte olduğunu da vurguladı.

Petrol fiyatlarının 50 dolarda seyretmesi halinde enerji ithalatının 40 milyar dolar seviyesinde olacağını belirten Dön mez, “Eğer, 2019’da petrol fiyatları bu seviyelerde olursa, muhtemelen petrol ve gaz ithalatımız 40’ın altında olabilir” dedi.


Fatih gemisinin Alanya-1 kuyusunda çalışmalara ekimde başladığını söyleyen Bakan Dönmez, “150 günlük bir programımız vardı, şu anda 60 günü dolmuş oldu. 2-2.5 ay içerisinde netice almayı ümit ediyoruz” dedi. İkinci geminin de Malezya’dan Türkiye’ye doğru yola çıktığını belirten Enerji Bakanı, şöyle konuştu: “Şubat ortası gibi inşallah Akdeniz’de olacak. Şimdi lokasyon belirliyoruz, her iki gemiyle de Akdeniz ve Karadeniz’de sondaj yapacağız. Her iki geminin de ortalama yılda 2 sondaj yapma imkanı var. Mersin açıklarında başlattığımız sığ deniz operasyonumuz da sürüyor. Oradan Adana- Karataş mevkiine geçecek. Geçen arkadaşlar sordu. İngiltere 1970’de Kuzey Denizi’nde ilk petrolü, gazı 150’inci kuyuda bulmuştu. Tabi o günkü teknoloji, sismik veri, gemi belki bugünkü kadar gelişmiş değildi. Biz sabırsız milletiz inşallah o kadar beklemeden varsa bulacağız.”


İki uçağın Türkiye’nin yüzde 80’inin havadan jeofizik haritasını görüntülediğini söyleyen Dönmez, “Bir yerde röntgen çekiyoruz. Sonra o emarelere göre sondaj yapıyoruz” dedi. Geçen yıl Maden Tetkik ve Arama Genel Müdürlüğü’nün (MTA) 1 milyon m etre sondaj yaptığını, bu yıl 1.5 milyonu bulacağını anlatan Dönmez, “Bunlar tarihi rekorlar…” dedi. 2017-2018’de 3.3 milyar ton kömür rezervi, 1.5 milyar ton tenardit ve diğer maden varlıklarına rastlandığını söyleyen Dönmez, “Sırf son 2 yılda keşfedilen yeni madenlerin toplamı değeri 100 milyar doların üstünde… Bu ekonomik değerler ortalama 20-25 yılda ekonomiye kazandırılmış olur” diye konuştu.

MTA’nın yurtdışı faaliyetleri için MTA International’i kurduklarını hatırlatan Bakan Dönmez, şunları söyledi: “Maden arama-işletme faaliyetleri için, ilk ruhsatı Sudan’da aldı, orada altın arayacak. Özbekistan’da bir-iki ruhsatı var. Somali’yle ilgili görüşmeler devam ediyor.”